Becoming A Member

If you are interested in becoming a disciple of Christ at Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church, we would be delighted to welcome you to our family. You may join our family utilizing four methods:


After receiving Jesus Christ as your Savior, you make a public statement of your faith, the repentance of your sins, and a petition to be a candidate for baptism. 

Christian Experience

It sometimes happens that people who have been baptized wander away from God or lose their desire to be united with a Church. Individuals who have already been baptized may join Mount Moriah through Christian Experience by:

• Giving an account of their conversion to a Christian Life
• Giving a public confession


In the changes of social and domestic life, members often move from the vicinity of the church where they are united. It is then their responsibility to connect with a church of the same faith near their new home by letter of commendation and dismissal (from their previous church). This letter should be given to the pastor of the new church when you decide to join.


Members of Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church who have been away (spiritually) from the church for a period of time may reunite and be restored to full fellowship with the church.Want to know more about our lessons with kids and youth?  Check out our wide range of programs, events, and opportunities, we offer something for everyone. Come grow with us!

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